Kaitlyn Taylor, a third grader living in Springdale, Arkansas, decided to participate in Lemonade Day because she wanted to learn how to run a business. Her dream is to start a bakery. 

On Lemonade Day, Kaitlyn chose to locate her lemonade stand at the town square's celebration of the opening of a bike path, where there was a sizable crowd of potential customers. According to Kaitlyn, “I went for a tropical theme, and my slogan was ‘Float off to a tropical dream.’ I advertised by having my mom post photos of me at my stand on her Facebook page. My stand was very successful, and I almost tripled my goal! I did well at picking the recipe, and I think my customer service was great, too. Next year, I will make sure I start out with enough one- and five-dollar bills; I had to send my dad to get change because we ran out very fast.”

After selling 250 cups of lemonade, Kaitlyn banked two-thirds of the proceeds for her future bakery and gave one-third to the local Kiwanis Kids, the club she joined at school that participates in community service projects. Kaitlyn also won the best tasting lemonade contest in her town.

Kaitlyn said of her Lemonade Day experience, “I have worked hard to complete my dreams and start my business. I love to work hard at things I put my mind to. Next, I am going to get the supplies to start my bakery that I have been looking forward to and working toward.” And an entrepreneur has been born!

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